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“The best group ever!”

These were the unanimous words that came out of the group during our social nights. Maybe it was the alcohol talking or we simply just enjoyed each other’s company. Our Abra tour joins my list of one of the most enjoyable trips I have had in my life. 

I wasn’t really planning to travel that weekend (August 11, 2023) because I have already set to travel to Balabac, Palawan for the month of August. My happy feet took me to Abra and it did not disappoint. 

Exciting times ahead!

Going to Kaparkan Falls was not easy! You may choose whether to trek for 4-5 hours or ride a 6-wheeler truck for 2.5-3 hours. We chose the latter as this was part of the package that we availed from Wander Twins tour. Also, it was more convenient.

We arrived at the meeting place around 4:00 AM. We needed to sign a waiver and attend an orientation by the LGU/Tourism before riding a 6-wheeler truck.

We also took this chance to eat our breakfast and get some rest as we did not want to throw up while riding the truck.

We as well changed outfits suited for trekking and swimming. 

The authorities said that not all parts of the Kaparkan Falls can be explored for the safety of visitors. There were portions where we can enjoy the fresh and cold water of the waterfalls plus take our photos and videos. Do take note of the safety precautions, follow any guidelines provided by the local authorities, and respect the natural environment to preserve the beauty of this wonderful destination. 


Bumble Bee, the 6-wheeler truck

Bumpy ride going to Kaparkan Falls

"Calm before the storm"

The ride going to Kaparkan was a mix of cemented and muddy roads. They said it was a lot faster nowadays to get to the falls compared to the previous years because the local government is putting an effort to improve the road condition for the convenience and safety of the tourists. I think that is fine but I also feel that the excitement might fade as the bumpy ride is part of the adventure.

Kimi, chain up the wheels!
Mariel, the pole dancer

In the middle of the ride, the organizers had to put mud chains to give maximum traction when driving through muddy terrain. 

We reached the jump-off place of Kaparkan Falls after almost 2.5 hours of thrilling and adrenaline-pumping ride. I was amazed because some of the passengers like Kimi, Ria, Roanne, Mariel and Mark (na tahimik lang) were able to sleep! Hahaha! I tried but I couldn’t because from time to time, there were tree branches and leaves that kept swinging on my face. 

After offboarding the truck, we had to walk for 30 minutes to reach the waterfalls. 

It was easy because the trail was downhill. It wasn’t that hot yet since it was too early in the morning but going up, after we enjoyed the cold water of Kaparkan Falls, was a different story. 

It is recommended to bring an umbrella, lots of water to keep hydrated and food (for lunch). Wear trekking shoes or sandals for safety as the road is slippery when wet.

Kaparkan Falls

Kaparkan Falls is stunning! The waterfalls is known for its unique formation, composed of several tiers that cascade down rocky slopes, creating a picturesque display.  

Kaparkan Falls gained popularity thanks to social media, with its mesmerizing tiers and turquoise-colored water that is visually appealing. 

While Kaparkan Falls has gained attention in recent years, it has long been known to the locals and indigenous communities as a natural gem in Abra. The waterfalls holds a cultural and traditional significance for the nearby residents, who consider it a sacred place similar to Daday Falls in North Cotabato.

Aside from its natural beauty and cultural importance, Kaparkan Falls offers visitors the opportunity to swim, explore the surrounding trails (but limited), and immerse themselves in the refreshing ambiance of the cascading waters.

The mystery girl

Kaparkan Falls is nestled amidst the scenic landscapes of the Cordillera Mountains and attracts visitors with its captivating beauty. The name “Kaparkan” is derived from the native word “kaparagan” meaning “forested” or “covered with plants.” This name perfectly encapsulates the lush greenery surrounding the falls.

Other tourist spots in Abra

In the morning of day 2 of our Abra tour, we went on a series of road trips to visit some of the tourist spots of the province. It was a good way to shrug off our hang overs from last night’s social event. 

Calab Bridge

Victoria Peak National Park

Tangadan Tunnel

Gabriela Silang Monument

I love this place!

This Abra tour was very memorable because of the wonderful new friends I met. They love to travel too and we shared wonderful and funny stories which we will keep within our group (sana. hahaha!). Another factor was the thrill of the bumpy ride which was quite different from the one I had in our Mt. Pinatubo tour years back. 

I will surely miss these guys. I hope to meet you again in my next adventure!

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    It’s nice to see the natural and unexploited parts of the Philippines through your camera lenses! 👍

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    One of the best na lakad ko sa buong Pilipinas.

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    Yeeyyyy the best!💙

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    Best group and coor ever.

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