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Gusto mo bang sumama?

Calle Crisologo, located in Vigan, Ilocos Sur, is a historical and cultural treasure that attracts numerous tourists locally and internationally. Similar to Taal in Batangas, Calle Crisologo is a place that can take you back to the Spanish colonial era because of its beautifully preserved architecture.

Our group went to Calle Crisologo for a short trip after touring around the province of Abra. These were what our group did:

Strolled around the cobblestone street

We took a leisurely walk along the cobblestone street lined with well-preserved Spanish colonial era houses. We marveled at the houses that tells a lot about our history.     

If you are planning to walk around the area, you have to wear comfortable shoes or sandals as the cobblestones can be a bit uneven.

Mark from NASA

Visited the ancestral houses

We explored the ancestral houses along Calle Crisologo but we were not able to visit the museums or souvenir shops due to time constraint.

We heard that the Syquia Mansion and Crisologo Museum are the places worth visiting when in Vigan.

Ms. Yen enjoying the rich cultural heritage of Vigan

Ate local delicacies

[Ria]: Sino kumagat? (from Roanne's video)

The must-try local cuisines are empanada (a savory pastry), bagnet (crispy pork belly) and longganisa (local sausage) at the various restaurants and food stalls in the area. I ate them in one sitting including Igado and Dinakdakan (burp!).

Aminin na, sino talaga kumagat?

Rode a kalesa

Since we arrived in Vigan in the afternoon when the sun was burning us to death (LOL), I chose to ride a kalesa (horse-drawn carriage ride) as I couldn’t bear walking in middle of the road. It was too hot at the time. 

Kimi and Paula joined me in a quick kalesa ride through the streets of Vigan. I’ve already tried riding kalesa in Intramuros and in Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar. I had to try it again in Vigan as a kalesa ride, in my opinion, offers a unique perspective. It allows you to appreciate the beauty of the area without sweating a lot. Hahaha!

Señorita Paula
Señorita Kimi
Señorita Yen
Where is my date?

Explored nearby attractions

Since we rode a kalesa, we had the chance to see other nearby tourist attractions and took some photos. We missed visiting the Vigan Cathedral and Plaza Burgos but I will surely go there the next time I visit Ilocos Sur.

[Señorita Paula]: Ang pogi mo naman!
[Señorito Rolando]: Alam ko.
Putek ang init!

My friends told me that there are cultural performances in the street showcasing traditional dances and music that are often held in the area near Calle Crisologo in the evenings. I will definitely consider visiting Calle Crisologo at night in the future to watch them.

Before leaving Vigan, I highly recommend to buy souvenirs or pasalubong to help and support our local entrepreneurs. If you want to bring home longganisa and bagnet, try Jeannie Piamonte in Capangpangan, Vigan.

Jeannie Piamonte Longanisa and Bagnet Factory

If you have some tips, suggestions or comments which you want to share, kindly comment below.

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