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Merloquet Falls

Zamboanga was the only province where we did not go to a beach. We were supposed to go to Sta. Ana Pink Beach Resort however, it was fully booked and closed on Friday so we were not be able to visit the pink beach of Zamboanga.

Our organizer, Wander Twins, made an iteration to our itinerary so instead of going to pink beach, we went to Merloquet Falls which was far from the city. It was about a 2-hour drive to reach the falls. 

This was the first time we swam in fresh water. We were in salt waters of Basilan and Sulu and it was refreshing to taste fresh water for the first time in 5 days!

Of course, we did some photo ops in the falls as a group.

Getting to the falls was easy because you just have to walk 300 steps going down to the falls but going back was a different story. 

That was the time I felt my legs were cramping and started to feel weak. 

The Rainbow Mosque

Alavar Restaurant

After a tiring day, we treated ourselves by having dinner at Alavar Restaurant. 

The said restaurant offers mouth-watering seafood and cozy environment. All tourists must try this as this is one of the famous restaurants in Zamboanga City.

Paseo del Mar Park

We concluded our Zamboanga stay at Paseo del Mar Park where we enjoyed the music (as there was a rave party I guess nearby) and beers at the bar.

Next... Tawi-Tawi

The next morning, we went to Zamboanga airport for us to move to the next province – Tawi-Tawi. Since I wasn’t feeling well due to body pains, I treated myself with some massage at the airport before boarding.

Off to Tawi-Tawi…

I asked tatay if I can take a photo, he said "yes iho"

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Roland Lorenzo

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