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Ferry going to Sulu

After our Basilan journey, we went back to Zamboanga to ride a ferry that will take us to Sulu Province.

This was my first time to ride a ferry overnight and slept in a bunk bed. I was shy as I might snore too loudly especially since I got tired from the whole day trip in Basilan.

I was lucky enough that no one occupied the bottom bed so I slept there alone. Yay!

At first, it was uncomfortable because the size of the bed was too small for me (I am nearly 6 foot) so my foot was hanging out of the bed but I still managed to sleep maybe due to tiredness.

Welcome to Sulu!

After 9 hours of travel, we finally reached Sulu Province!

We were welcomed by Ma’am Cathereena from the Sulu Provincial Tourism Office and a PNP escort. It was intimidating at first because we have an escort but we were told that Sulu is safe. It’s just that the tourism office requires every tourist to be accompanied by a PNP personnel. 

Before we started our Sulu journey, we went to eat breakfast at Shara’s Cafe where we first tasted the famous Bangbang Sug!

Bangbang Sug is a Tausug native pastry that is usually served with local coffee. It is a must-try delicacy because you will surely enjoy it! 

Sulu Provincial Capitol Hall

Before we went to the beautiful beaches in Sulu, we made a quick stopover at the Sulu Provincial Capitol’s Tourism office to register and shop for merchandise (t-shirts) and of course, get some photos from the stunning provincial capitol building.

Mang Sali Beach Resort

Mang Sali and Tanduh Beach Resorts should be part of your bucket list. These underrated beach resorts offer pure white sand and very clear water. 

These resorts are comparable to Boracay and Calaguas. The good thing about Mang Sali and Tanduh Beach Resorts are that they are both unexplored and unexploited. In fact, only our group were around when we visited the resorts.

Photo by Wander Twins
Photo by Wander Twins
Photo by Wander Twins

Tanduh Beach Resort

We stayed in the resort until 3:00 PM before we prepared to go to our next destination – the weaving center.

Weaving Center

We made a short stop at the weaving center to buy some stuff as pasalubong.

Camp Bud Datu

Our last stop before riding a ferry going back to Zamboanga was Camp Bud Datu where we saw from the view deck the entire town of Patikul and some towns of Sulu.

Side trip to Tambuang Falls

We concluded our Sulu trip in the Provincial Capitol Hall where we rested for a while and charged our phones because we would ride a ferry again to go back to Zamboanga. 

Sulu Province is undeniably one of the most beautiful provinces I’ve been to. I will definitely come back there and stay longer so I can visit other places that I’ve missed to explore.


Off to Zamboanga

We rode again a ferry to Zamboanga for our next journey… to be continued.

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