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Farmer's table

Everyday is Valentine’s day. You probably heard this line a million times in the past. This is because this is the excuse made by guys who are busy at work and have no time to spend time with their loved ones on the 14th of February. 

Are you guilty? Because I know I am.

Busy days ahead

I knew I am screwed up when I checked my calendar for the month of February. My calendar was full because of various projects and I had no chance to go on a date with my girlfriend and my daughter on Valentine’s day.

My schedule was tight. Meetings left and right and most of the time, I stayed late (as in super late – until 3 or 4 AM) because there were deadlines to meet. 

I knew already at that time that I couldn’t adjust my work schedule and deliverables on week days so I had to do something.

Prompt beats diligent

On February 11, 3:00 in the morning, I ordered flowers online in Flowerstore.PH. It was supposed to be delivered in Laguna however, the product I chose was not available in that area hence, I decided to get it delivered in my home in Pasig City on the same day.

The flowers I ordered were for my daughter. It was my promise that I will give her flowers every Valentine’s day when she reaches her teenage years. 

Hannah 2022
Feb. 14, 2022 in Baler, Aurora
Hannah 2023
Feb. 12, 2023 in San Pedro, Laguna

I delivered the flowers to my daughter in San Pedro. I was accompanied by my girlfriend. She was surprised because she did not expect to receive one and she was happy because I personally gave the flowers to her (Because they were in Baler, Aurora last year so I asked her mom to buy the flowers on my behalf and have it delivered to Hannah).

The unplanned dinner date

I couldn’t go out with my daughter for dinner because my daughter had homework to do so when we were preparing to leave Laguna, me and my girlfriend thought of having a quick dinner in Tagaytay.

We were not prepared.

I was wearing shorts and flip flops, and my hair was messy. She too was wearing a plain t-shirt and flip flops.

Who cares? We wanted to celebrate love and we were… hungry! Hahaha!

My girlfriend then suggested to have dinner at Farmer’s Table in Tagaytay.

The place was perfect for dinner dates. I love the vibe because it was relaxing and full of love (cheesy!). The place became more lovely because the violinist was serenading us.

We didn’t have any reservation because we went there on a whim and so we had to wait in line in order to be seated. There were families and lovers also waiting by the lobby. Perhaps they planned to celebrate Valentine’s day ahead of time to avoid traffic and the throng of people dating. While waiting, the staff were giving out popcorn as the waiting time was about an hour. 

So how did we spend our time at Farmer’s Table? 

We ate a loooooooooot! Burp!


We ordered bulalo, lechon kawali, crispy kale and buco melon for our drink. All the food were sumptuous! We especially liked the bulalo, perfect for warming our hearts and tummies. You can distinguish the freshness of the vegetables (pechay, kale, corn, etc.) because these ingredients were from their own garden, truly farm-to-table goodness!  

With or without occasion to celebrate, eating at Farmer’s Table in Tagaytay is special so bring your family, relatives, friends and loved ones to enjoy the food and the relaxing vibe of the place.

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