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The funniest anime

Slam Dunk, to me, is the funniest anime I have ever watched in my entire life. I love it because I can somehow relate to the story. It is about love and “funny” heartbreaks, friendships, rivalries and the basketball career of high school students.

I can still remember when Slam Dunk first aired in ABC5 (now TV5) in the 90’s before it aired in GMA 7. But even before it aired in GMA7, I was able to watch the anime series in AXN (a cable channel). Even though it was only a 30-min show, viewers made sure that they will not miss any single scene because of the funny punch lines and acting of Hanamichi Sakuragi, the main character of Slam Dunk.

The Disappointment

In the story, Shohoku placed second in Kanagawa District and had the right to compete in the national competition together with Kainan (the first placer in their district) after they defeated Ryonan in a must-win game. The story then stopped there. 

Yes, the anime was cancelled after 101 episodes. “Bitin!” was the common reaction from Slam Dunk fans like me. I know that the anime has a lot to offer and of course, I want to watch the conclusion of the series.

The First Slam Dunk Movie

Slam Dunk Cover

I was thrilled when I first heard about the upcoming movie. I was wondering if the movie will feature the Shohoku-Sannoh game.

I was correct! The movie showcased the epic game between the powerhouse Sannoh and the new team in the national competion scene, Shohoku. 

I already know the story. I already know how it ended and how they won. I was more interested on how they will fit the entire story in a two-hour movie and if it will be funnier than the anime. 


What changed in The First Slam Dunk movie against the manga

If you haven’t watched the movie, better skip this part as it contains some spoilers. LOL

1. There is no week-long hanging scene like Kogure’s jump shot. If you can remember that.
2. The pace of the story is faster than the manga/anime. Of course, they only have 2 hours to fit everything in the movie. 
3. The backstory focuses on Ryota Miyagi. Yes, not Sakuragi
4. Souta, the brother of Ryota was introduced. No comment.
5. The ‘royal rumble’ backstory scene in the Shohoku basketball court was not included. Perhaps this is to accommodate younger viewers but there were moral lessons to pick up there!
6. Coach Anzai have more lines than usual. Hohoho!
7. Kogure does not have much exposure. He did not talk much. 
8. Other teams from Kanagawa district did not watch the game (or I missed it?). Maki and Sendoh should be watching, right?
9. The movie is cool but I still love the anime version. Yes, I love the anime version. 
10. Hanamichi Sakuragi is less funny because of less exposure and fast-paced approach of the movie, I guess.

Go and watch the movie while it is still in cinemas!


Ortigas Cinema

I bought tickets online as a pre-valentine celebration with my girlfriend. For our date, we normally go out for dinner or watch live basketball games or do out-of-town trips but this time, we watched a basketball anime movie in Ortigas Cinemas.

I chose Ortigas Cinemas in Estancia Mall because it very near our house, the cinemas are wide and spacious, and the seats are very comfortable and relaxing.

Inside cinema

If you go and watch at Ortigas Cinemas in Estancia, make sure to bring a jacket because it is cold inside the cinema. And of course, buy popcorn and water so you will the movie more!

“The First Slam Dunk” was at the top spot at the Japanese box office when it was released last December 3, 2022 in Japan. It grossed 1.296 billion yen ($9.6 million) during the first two days of release. It grossed more than 10 billion yen ($76.12 million) as of February 7 according to a report published on Anime News Network.

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