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Going back to Quirino Province

If you are following my blog, you might have already read that my girlfriend, my daughter and I went in Quirino Province last November to celebrate my 41st birthday. Check this video:

On our way home from Quirino last November, Carlo from Wander Twins had mentioned that he would be organizing an outreach program/Christmas Party for our Agta brothers and sisters. I then decided that I wanted to help out and so when he announced the schedule of the trip to Quirino plus the outreach program, I did not hesitate. And so I was back to Quirino exactly a month after my birthday.

Tour Plus Outreach Program

There were a total of 2 vans that left Manila for the tour and outreach program in Quirino. We had a full itinerary on Day 1 as we planned to have the program in between the tour. Before we went to the community of Agta tribe in the town of Nagtipunan, we first visited the Landingan Viewpoint.  

Landingan Viewpoint

We reached Landingan Viewpoint at 6:00 AM and stayed there for an hour to appreciate the beautiful scenery. According to the locals, Landingan used to be an untended hills and they turned the hills into a flower garden to make it as one of the tourist spots of Quirino Province. At the view deck, you will have a full view of the town of Nagtipunan, beautiful landscape of mountains and the Cagayan river flowing on the valley.

I was lucky to have seen Landingan Viewpoint this time since my girlfriend, daughter and I have missed trekking to the view deck because it was raining and there was so much fog during our first Quirino tour. 

Landingan 2

Internet Signal at Landingan Viewpoint


Water Tubing, River Cruising, Caving and Cliff Jumping

After Landingan, next in our itinerary was to go to Dioryong Integrated School where the Outreach program / Christmas Party was planned to be held, but more on that later.

We went to Governor’s Rapids after the outreach program to continue with the tour for other joiners to also experience water tubing, river cruising, caving and cliff jumping. I initially had no intention to join since I already had tried them last month but my adventurous spirit kicked in. I joined them in the tour and relived the experience.

Cave 1

Internet Signal at Governor's Rapids


Ganano Falls

On the next day, Sunday, our group left very early to trek Ganano Falls. This time, I did not join as I want to get some rest after a hectic Saturday. Also, my flip flops were worn out after our trip to Governor’s Rapids and I could not find a store where I can buy slippers. And so, I just slept while the other guys were trekking. LOL

Here are some of the photos shared by my friends:

Ganano 1
Ganano 12
Ganano 13
Ganano 14

Now, let’s talk about the highlight of our trip, the Outreach Program/Christmas Party organized by Wander Twins.

Internet Signal at Ganano Falls


Outreach Program x Christmas Party

One of the reasons I went back to Quirino despite being there just a month ago was because the idea of doing an outreach program to the Agta tribe was a good way to pay forward. 

Every year, during Christmas season, we do this in the orphanage in Taal, Batangas. We weren’t able to visit again last year as the children were housed temporarily in Tagaytay City while the orphanage was being repaired.


There is a community of Agta tribe who live near Dioryong Integrated School and so it was the perfect venue for the program. Each one of us had an assignment. Some were assigned to repack the goods, clothes, toys, hygiene kits, etc., someone hosted the games, others distributed repacked goods, while I was in-charge of assembling the two bicycles for kids.

My back was aching due to the injury I sustained from a basketball game last August but I pushed myself to lift all the boxes from the van and carried them inside the school so the assigned from our group can do the repacking. 

I sat on the ground so I can comfortably assemble the two bicycles. With the help of two young fellas from the Agta tribe, we were able to setup and test the bicycles quickly. 

Party Games

There were party games held for kids and adults like Bring Me, The Boat is Sinking, Sack Race, Piñata, etc. It was full of fun! Everyone was very excited to join the games and we were delighted that we brought joy and happiness to their faces.

Outreach game 1

At the end of the party games, we started distributing the food and hygiene packs to the adults, and clothes and toys for the kids. While everyone in our group was busy distributing, Carlo, Rona, Zai and I brought another 50 packs to Barangay Mapulang Lupa and we distributed these packs to the Agtas.

It was tiring because we did not have enough sleep but we were happy that we were able to help our Agta brothers and sisters. 

Thank you Wander Twins for organizing the program and allowing us to be part of this wonderful event! Our hearts were full. 

Internet Signal at Diaryong Integrated School


Happy Birthday and Thank You

Happy birthday to ate Jessica! Thank you for sharing your stories with us. Don’t worry, we won’t tell it to anyone (sana). Hahaha! 


Left: Carlo ‘Pacquiao’, Rona, Jessica, Joanna
Right: Zai, PJ, Roland, Evita

Special thanks to Atty. Evita for lending me your pink slippers. Because of you, I was able to walk again. Hahaha!

Pink slippers

The Li’l Pink Slippers
(Isn’t it cute?)


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Shopee: Zaiong

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