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My First Bike in 10,000 years

It wasn’t my plan to buy a bike that day when we were in SM Megamall. We just went there to eat dinner. That’s it. However, something happened…

When we were walking at the lower ground floor of SM Megamall, we passed by Cycle Shack to check the bikes that they are selling. I suddenly found myself swiping my card to buy one of the bicycles on display.

There was no regret when I bought the bike because I really need to change my lifestyle as I gained too much weight during the pandemic (I gained 20 kilograms! Whew!).

GT bike

GT Aggressor Sport

I will be honest, I have no idea about bike brands. I did not make any research prior to purchasing the bike. Stupidity to the highest level, right? When I chose a bike, I completely relied to the salesman’s recommendation. He patiently explained to me the pros and cons, what was better for my built, etc., and that was the reason I chose the one hanging in their wall – the GT Aggressor Sport. 

I sent a message to my good friend who knows a good deal about bikes and asked about GT Aggressor Sport bike. He said it is good for beginners like me. He said I don’t need to buy the high level, light-weighted and pricey bike for now since I am just starting. If my skill have already leveled up, that is the time to consider upgrading some of the parts or replacing the whole bike. He advised me to use and enjoy it for now. 

First Break-in

When I reached home, I was so excited to ride my bike. I was accompanied by my two friends. It was a “pogi” chill ride inside the village. We went for a quick 15-minute ride for me to “tame” the bike. 

I was rusty. I did not ride a bike for decades, I think that’s why I am still adjusting on changing gears and pedaling on the humps. 


My mind said I can still do bunny hopping but my body said otherwise. This triggered me to really get serious about shifting to a healthy lifestyle and focus on biking.

Weekend biking at Ortigas Center

The good thing about Ortigas Center, Pasig City is that they have car-free People’s Street along F. Ortigas Jr. Road (formerly known as Emerald Avenue) which is open to the public every Saturday and Sunday. They have carts and bicycles for rent if you don’t have one. 

My girlfriend and I went there one Sunday afternoon to fully test my GT Aggressor Sport bike. 

I rode my bike for 2 hours while my girlfriend rented a bike for 1 hour. I enjoyed a lot at the beginning however, I started to feel the cramps when we rested at the Ortigas park. My legs were shaking a bit so we decided to stay a bit longer until I could walk and ride the bike again back to our house.

It was fun. Even though it was for one day only, I thought I lost weight as I felt lighter. 

That day, I promised that I will ride my bike at least twice a week and fully get serious with my “Balik-Alindog Program”.

On our way home, of course, I did not forget to take more photos as souvenir of my first bike ride in decades.

Bike 2

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  1. Wena Umali

    Cheers to healthier living! 🥂

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