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Magic in action

Insta360 X3 is the newest gadget for blogging/vlogging that I recently laid my hands on. I use numerous gadgets for blogging/vlogging but Insta360 X3 never disappoints me as it captures 360-degree videos that other gadgets cannot do!

All you have to do is to simply mount it in your selfie stick, press the record button and select the best angles you want during editing. The good thing with Insta360 is that you can edit your video using your mobile phone, aside from desktop or laptop. How cool and convenient!

Powered by 1/2″ 48MP sensors and 2.29” touchscreen, and capable of capturing 5.7k 360-degree videos, Insta360 X3 is the most powerful camera you can carry in your pocket. It has dual lenses, front and back, that enable the invisible selfie stick. The selfie stick becomes invisible as Insta360 X3 stitches the selfie stick out of the footage, as if you are being recorded by a drone. 

Insta360 X3 is also completely waterproof up to 10 meters without a case. I haven’t tried to use my Insta360 X3 camera in a 10-meter deep water but I used it when I dove into a river last weekend.

Accessories for Insta360 X3 camera

This list could be different if you are into moto-vlogging, biking, ice skating, etc. For default travel vlogging, I can say these are the frequently used accessories.

Lens Cap

When you buy Insta360 X3 camera, it comes with pocket sleeves however, I am not using it because I feel that the lenses are not fully protected in case you drop the camera to the ground. 

The lens cap provides extra level of protection to the lenses. It is lightweight and durable, and made up of silicone. The lens cap still fits even if the lens guard is already installed in your camera.

Note: I no longer use lens guard in my Insta360. I tried it once and noticed that the quality of the video is affected due to the glaring effect when sunlight directly hits the lenses. The lens guard will definitely give additional protection but to me, the lens cap is enough when I am not using it.

Insta360 Camera with lens cap

Selfie Stick

The selfie stick is one of the basic accessories that you need for Insta360 X3 camera. The 114-centimeter stick will become invisible as it is stitched out of footage by the camera. 

This is the ultimate tool for impossible “third-person” shots. 

Power Selfie Stick

The power selfie stick has a 4500 mAh built-in battery that provides additional battery life to the Insta360 X3 camera. Compared to an ordinary selfie stick, the power selfie stick is quite sensitive in the sense that it should never come in contact with any liquid. It means you should not use it under the rain.

The Insta360 X3 battery can last for almost 2 hours. If you are shooting for more than that, the power selfie stick can help you extend your video recording for another 2 hours.

The power selfie stick has a Type-C cable that easily connects to the Insta360 X3 camera. It also has power and shutter buttons that can help you control your camera remotely.

Insta360 Power Selfie Stick

New Version of Extended Selfie Stick

The new version of the extended selfie stick gives stunning aerial shots with the flick of your wrist.

The extended selfie stick is 3 meters long when fully stretched and can be shortened to 36 centimeters. This is why it is still easy to carry and store. It has a rubberized grip that makes comfortable handling. 

No drone? No problem! You can use this stick if you want to make cinematic and drone-like effect videos. 


Other accessories that I rarely use but helpful


I prefer to use the heavy-duty tripod as it is sturdy against the wind unlike the one that Insta360 is offering (Yes, I don’t like it to be honest).

A heavy-duty tripod can help you shoot 360 time lapse videos without worrying that your shot will be wobbly or that your camera will fall when there are strong winds as it provides extra stability.

Bullet Time Cord

The bullet time cord is a handheld retractable cord for swinging your camera in any direction. However, it should not be used with the selfie stick. For best results, grip the cord, spin overhead in one direction and one full rotation per second.

Bullet Time Cord

There are various bundles that Insta360 is offering that can be used in snow, for motorcycle and bike. There are also numerous accessories that I have yet to use like X3 Quick Reader to easily transfer the file from the camera to your phone or laptop, X3 Dive Case for underwater shooting, etc. I will definitely try some of them but I am per need basis when it comes to buying an accessory to ensure that I can use them fully and get the ROI (return on investment). LOL.

Now, the Insta360 X3 camera is easily my favorite gadget because of the “third-person” capturing of videos; it is waterproof; and the battery can last longer compared to my other gadgets. I must admit that I am not good in editing but somehow I can produce the quality of videos and shots I want coming from my Insta360 X3.

The Insta360 X3 was released last September 2022 and currently on Black Friday Sale (November 25, 2022). From my experience, it was not easy to buy one locally in any camera shops today in the Philippines as it is always sold out. I recommend that you reserve one from your favorite camera shops or gadget stores.


If you have some tips, suggestions or comments which you want to share, kindly comment below.