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Water tubing 4a

Life begins at... 41!

We went to the province of Quirino on my 41st birthday. Yes, I am now 41 “pogi” years old. 

The trip was not purposely set on my birthday. It was originally scheduled last October 29 – 30 but was postponed due to Typhoon Paeng. I am not really into superstitions but I do believe that destiny works mysteriously and that what is meant to be will be. 

Now, let’s talk about our trip to Quirino Province.

The long and quiet trip

We left Trinoma Mall at 9:30 in the evening. We took the busy road of EDSA, entered North Luzon Expressway and then exited at Balagtas, Bulacan. After exiting at Balagtas, we took the Plaridel By-Pass Road and patiently traversed the towns of Bulacan and Nueva Ecija. From San Jose, Nueva Ecija, we drove the zigzag road of the Pan-Philippine Hiway. 

We made a stop over to Jollibee in Nueva Vizcaya for an early breakfast, quick stretch and cigarette break.

The trip was long and quiet. It’s nearly 350 kilometers to reach our first destination in Diffun, Quirino – The Ganano Falls. 

The Adventure Begins

Trekking to Ganano Falls

You would think your knees are prepared and strong enough for trekking. The weather and topography of the place will make you think again. LOL

Ganano Falls is the 4th and main falls in the town of Diffun. You can reach the said falls for 1.5 to 2 hours depending on your pace. Our group’s trek to the falls that morning was quite challenging due to the mud from the rainfall the night before and that morning. 

Going to Ganano 3

There were also parts of the trail that were slippery. We crossed several streams, climbed boulders and crossed the middle of the forest. I would really recommend that you bring trekking shoes or footwear with good traction. 

Going to Ganano v.2
Ganano Falls

It was challenging but worth trying! 

For you to see the beauty of Ganano Falls, you really must exert an effort – similar in real life. No pain, no glory! 

Of course, once you reach the falls, do not forget to take memorable photos and soak in the cold water.

Internet Signal at Ganano Falls


Photo Ops at the Capitol

After a 4-hour trek (back and forth) and a quick bulalo lunch, we stopped over by the Quirino Capitol at the town of Cabarroguis to take some photos.

I can say this was the easiest activity in the itinerary. Hahaha!

Quirino Capitol 3

Internet Signal at Capitol


River cruising

Our next stop was at the Governor’s Rapids in the town of Maddela. 

We wore our safety vests and hard hat before proceeding to the boat that will take us along the Cagayan River. It was really fun to watch the beauty of nature while riding a boat. I wish that they will preserve and take care of the river for the next generation.

Cliff jumping

At first, I wasn’t afraid because I used to dive and swim when I was younger. However, when I injured my back in basketball a few months ago, I hesitated a bit to jump.

To satisfy the adventurous spirit in me, I jumped from the 10-feet cliff. I was worried that I might hurt my back again if I jump from the highest cliff.

There were three of us in our group who jumped off the cliff. It’s me, my daughter Hannah and our new friend, Kat.


The cave is not that big and getting inside is not difficult. Kids and old fellas can go in easily  BUT going out is a different story. 

There’s a certain thrill when going out of the cave which I will not mention here. It is for you see and find out when you visit Quirino Province. 🙂

There is a small water falls inside the cave. It is perfect for taking photos too!

Spelunking 2

Water tubing

This for me is the highlight of our trip and one that I truly enjoyed.

No offense to those love to trek. I’m not a big fan of long walks/treks because of the age factor. LOL

I really like water adventure and one of the things in my bucket list is water tubing.


Internet Signal at Governor's Rapids


Photo Ops at Landingan View Point

Unfortunately, rain was pouring heavily the morning we visited Landingan View Point. Therefore, I was not able to fly my drone and our group was not able to get some photos. 

The two lovebirds in our group were brave enough to go there and get some photos. Too bad, the view was blocked by the heavy fog. I heard too that someone in our group brought long gowns as outfits for her “pangmalakasan” pictorial.

Landingan 1

Internet Signal at Landingan Viewpoint


Celebrate with new friends

At the transient house where we stayed, we celebrated my birthday with my newly met friends. We no longer took some photos that night because we were busy playing games and telling each other’s stories. 

My 41st birthday became meaningful because my family were able to travel and all of us really enjoyed the company. 

Thank you, Wander Twins for the wonderful trip! 

Side Trip to Dinadiawan, Aurora

Our trip did not end in Quirino. On the next morning, before heading to Manila, we went to Dinadiawan, Aurora for more photo ops.

Luckily, the weather was good that time so I was able to fly my drone at Ampere Beach.

Ampere Beach

Coconut Plantation


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If you have some tips, suggestions or comments which you want to share, kindly comment below.