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Our hungry beginnings...

Mangantila Cafe and Restaurant was one of the restaurants that we wanted to visit these past weeks. However due to a hectic schedule, we were not able to travel there until last Sunday. Me and my girlfriend stayed up late on Saturday night. I was exploring my new Insta360 X3 camera while she was watching movies in Netflix. We were awake until 4:00 in the morning and started discussing what to eat for breakfast. We suddenly recalled Mangantila Cafe and Restaurant that is why we decided to go there instead of cooking our own food.

What to expect in Mangantila Cafe and Restaurant

The food is good!

I ordered 3 meals for me and my girlfriend. She chose dried pusit while I chose the breaded liempo and tapa with sinangag. Each meal have 2 eggs on the side and you can choose whether you want them scrambled or sunny side up. We also had cucumber juice and brewed coffee. Burp!


The service crew are nice and friendly

The service crew of Mangantila will greet you at the entrance and overall, are very courteous to all customers. The service is fast and they will even offer to take a photo like this.

our pic

Korean vibe

If you come to Mangantila Cafe and Restaurant, never ever miss the opportunity to take a photo at this array of lovely trees similar to the famous Nami Island in Korea. This is indeed Instagrammable! Watch my YT video here

me in Korea
Roland at Mangantila Cafe and Restaurant
Wena at Nami Island in South Korea

Enjoy the lovely scene at the lake

Definitely, the best thing to do here is to enjoy your food while looking at the Laguna Lake (you can see Talim Island of Binangonan, Rizal from afar).


Take some photos within the area

Aside from their famous trees at the entrance, there are a lot of areas within the restaurant that are picturesque. 


Transportation. A Php 500.00 gas would be enough if you are living within Metro Manila as Mangantila Cafe and Restaurant is 1 to 1.5 hours drive only. 

Food. Php 500 per head is more than enough. You already have a meal and drink.

Accommodation. Not applicable.

Others. If you want to take home like crinkles, Php 500 would be enough. 

Internet Signal


Road Condition

Main Road
Road going inside Mangantila

Watch my vlog in YouTube

Mangantila Cafe and Restaurant is located at J. P. Rizal St., Baras, Rizal. They are open from Monday to Sunday 6:00 AM until 10:00 PM. 


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