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We went to Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar to celebrate the 14th birthday of my daughter. I chose the place to have a mix of history to our travel instead of the usual overnight stay at the beach or resort.

Las Casas Filipinas is a beach resort, convention center and heritage destination all rolled into one. They offer wonderful recreational facilities for guests and tourists to enjoy. It is owned by Jose Acuzar and he already collected 42 original and 21 replica of Spanish-Filipino colonial structures. 

Las Casas Filipinas is located in the Town of Bagac, Province of Bataan which is 125 kilometers northwest of Metro Manila and 20 kilometers away from Mt. Samat National Shrine or “Dambana ng Kagitingan

Front of Las Casas

Before checking in, the guard will inform you that you need to go to the information center at Casa New Manila to register. You can bring your car and park near Casa New Manila. 

Casa New Manila

Once registered and you have your map and room key, the reception will assign you a jeepney driver who will accompany you to the overnight parking area. You will leave your car there and ride the jeepney to take you to your hotel room or casa. 

On your check out, you also need to go to Casa New Manila to surrender your hotel key. You may take a jeepney to take you to Casa New Manila and parking area.

Jeepney ride is free!

Jeepney ride

To book for a walking tour, calesa ride, etc., you need to go to Casa Binan. From there you can pay for your scheduled tour and other activities.

Casa Binan

What to do in Las Casas Filipinas

This is also our suggested itinerary if you will check in at 3:00 PM and check out at 12:00 noon the next day.

Swim at Batis-inspired swimming pool

Go and swim at the Batis-inspired pool to feel refreshed after a long drive.

batis 2

Eat merienda at La Parilla and Pica Pica

After swimming and you get hungry, indulge in some merienda at La Parilla and Pica Pica. It is located near the Batis-inspired swimming pool.


Ride a balsa

Riding the balsa is best done in the late afternoon so it is not that hot and crowded compared to the morning and afternoon rides. 

balsa ride

Watch the cultural show

Make sure to allot some time at night to watch the cultural show located in the open area in Plaza Atienza. The cultural show highlights the different folk dances in the Philippines. 

Have dinner at Cusina ni Nanay Maria or La Bella Teodora

Dinner at the Cusina ni Nanay Maria (Filipino Restaurant) or La Bella Teodora (Italian Restaurant) is made more memorable and enjoyable with a serenade.

Cusina ni Nanay Maria
Nanay Maria
La Bella

Take an evening walk

After taking dinner, it is best to walk around and get some photos. Don’t worry, there are streetlights and it is safe to walk even at night. 

me at tram
wena at the bridge
me and hannah at the bridge

Cap off the night with drinks at the beach

After a long day, have some relaxing time at the beach. Order a drink or two from the Dapitan Bar and Cabana. 

me at the beach

Early morning walk by the beach

Start the day with a short walk at the shoreline while enjoying the sea breeze.


Enjoy a breakfast buffet at Hotel de Oriente

The food offerings were delicious! The staff and crew of Hotel de Oriente were courteous and hospitable. You can also buy dried fish as “pasalubong” before you enter the Binondo Hall of the Hotel de Oriente.

hotel de oriente
buffet breakfast

Do a walking tour

After eating breakfast, go to Casa Binan to book a guided walking tour. The tour takes almost 1 hour so better do it in the morning.

tour 1
tour 2

Ride a calesa going to Hotel de Oriente

The walking tour will not end in Casa Binan therefore you need to walk back again to Casa Binan to book your calesa ride and self-viewing of Hotel de Oriente.

calesa 1
calesa 2

View the Hotel de Oriente

In you calesa ride, instead of doing the usual route, ask the calesa driver to drop you off at Hotel de Oriente. He will drop you off right in the front door of Hotel de Oriente. Since this is self-viewing, you are free to roam around the 3-floor building. Remember to remove first your sneakers or flip flops before entering the hotel. 

oriente 1

Swim at the beach

After the Hotel de Oriente tour,  have short walk going to the beach. Before checking out, you must definitely experience the beach of Las Casas Filipinas.


Other amenities

Las Casas Filipinas offers a lot! You can also attend the mass if you stay there on a Sunday, enjoy the entertainment and game room, dine while on a balsa ride, relax at Majayjay Wellness and Spa, watch historical movies at the film showing in Casa Mexico and many more! It is now up to you on how you will spend your day in Las Casas Filipinas. 

Rates are subject to change without prior notice


Transportation: Approx. Php 1,500 for gas due to the increase in oil price and max. of Php 1,000 for toll to take North Luzon (NLEX) Expressway and Subic-Clark-Tarlac (SCTEX) Expressway

Food: Max. of Php 2,500 for a group of 3 people that includes merienda of Php 1,000, dinner of 1,500.

Accommodation: Book at their website. You will see there the rates for the hotel rooms and casas for bigger group.

Others: Maximum of Php 500 per head for socials at night.

Internet Signal


Road Condition

Main Road
Road going inside the Las Casas Filipinas

Our travel to Las Casas Filipinas became more memorable because we celebrated the 14th birthday of my daughter. Instead of spending on a fabulous birthday party, we spent her birthday traveling and touring historical places like Las Casas Filipinas and Mt. Samat National Shrine.  


If you have some tips, suggestions or comments which you want to share, kindly comment below.