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Finally, the Huling El Bimbo Eraserheads reunion concert tickets are now available from all SM tickets outlets and SM Ticket online! Of course, I was one of the thousands of fans who awaited for the ticket selling in order to secure a spot in this monumental concert.

The countdown to ticket selling

September 29, 2022 Thursday

The Huling El Bimbo Facebook page announced the date of ticket selling. I was excited to finally confirm the exact date because I thought the tickets will be available starting September 28, as previously mentioned in the news.

Photo source: Huling El Bimbo Facebook Page

October 2, 2022 Sunday

I was thrilled to see the list of SM Stores and Cinemas. The said Facebook page announced the list of SM ticket booths where you can buy the concert ticket. My original plan was to buy online and in case I encounter slow response in the system or for some reason my internet is down, my backup plan was to go to SM Megamall or SM in Estancia and patiently queue.

Photo source: Huling El Bimbo Facebook Page
Photo source: Huling El Bimbo Facebook Page

October 3, 2022 Monday

The ticket prices were released to the public and it gained mixed reactions from the netizens. I was also surprised about the prices. I never imagined that the tickets will be priced that way. 

Some say the prices were too costly as if the band performing is an international artist, the reunion concert is not “para sa masa” (for the masses), etc. Some also defended and justified that the reunion concert is not happening everyday and the last time they performed in the Philippines was 13 years ago. They also said that the band is the “greatest” and that the four members are already “legends” so the ticket prices are only right. 

When I saw the ticket prices, I also thought hard whether it is worth it to buy a ticket given that the prices are outside my budget or if I should push through (Bahala na si Batman!) since this is my first time to watch them live after 20+ years (my first was when I was in college).

Photo source: Huling El Bimbo Facebook Page

October 4, 2022 Tuesday

The countdown began. On that day, me and my girlfriend were discussing whether we will push through or not. If we will push through, the next question was what ticket will fit our budget.

Later in the evening, I’ve decided to push through plan to watch the reunion concert. 

The plan was to buy only the Bronze tickets. 

Photo source: Huling El Bimbo Facebook Page

October 5, 2022 Wednesday

My alarm buzzed at 9:55 AM. I woke up and immediately opened my mobile phone. I logged in in SM Tickets. At exactly 10:00 AM, I refreshed the page, I went to the All Music & Concert category and the Eraserheads reunion cannot be found. I started to panic. I thought tickets were already sold out. 

I went to the Huling El BimboFacebook page and read the comments section. Some posted about the number of users in the queue and some commented that they successfully bought a ticket. 

I went again to SM Tickets, searched “Huling El Bimbo” and voila, I was able to find the Eraserheads reunion concert. When I pressed the “View Event” button, 9668 users were ahead of me and there was no estimated serving time indicated on the website. 

I started to feel nervous. I was worried that I might not be able to get tickets.

View Event

The sudden change of heart

When I got in, both Mosh pit and VIP tickets were grayed out. The only available tickets were Platinum, Gold, Silver and Bronze. Instead of clicking the Bronze, I clicked Platinum. I changed my mind. I said to myself that this is chance of a lifetime. We may not see them again perform in the next 10 years or ever so why not go all in and aim for the concert spot where we will be up close to the stage.

I wanted to get VIP tickets but it was grayed out so I thought it was already sold out so I chose the Platinum tickets.

I bought three Platinum tickets – for me, my girlfriend and my daughter. The ticket was a bit pricey but I know the experience will be different so I decided to purchase the Platinum tickets.


This week, I will go to SM to present my Ticket Voucher and claim the tickets that I bought for my family.

We are soooo excited!

♫ Gusto mo bang sumama? 

As of October 9, 2022, the 5th day of selling, The Huling El Bimbo Eraserheads Reunion Concert tickets are still available.

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