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You may find the photos and some information no longer relevant today as this article is a throwback of our trip to Pico Sands Hotel (Pico de Loro Beach) in the town of Nasugbu, Province of Batangas way back in 2015.

This is also memorable to me because this was our first anniversary and at the same time, another father’s day celebration. 

It was rainy when we went to Pico Sands Hotel. We took the zig zag roads of Nasugbu instead of the road in Maragondon, Cavite. This is why the travel time was longer than expected. The good thing about the roads going to Nasugbu is that they are paved but of course, take extra care and slow down if the rain is pouring.

An old wise man once said “Take it easy, you will get there”.

Checking-in at Pico Sands Hotel

Checking in at Pico Sands Hotel was smooth and hassle-free. The crew members were friendly, helpful and accommodating. We felt like we were one of the owners the hotel or the residential units within Pico de Loro. LOL.

Since we travelled all the way from Pasig City then Tagaytay City, Cavite to get to the hotel, may left foot suffered minor spasm as I was driving a manual car at that time. 

But it did not stop me from enjoying the day. We went out to enjoy the pool, the beach and playground at Pico Sands Hotel even though it was raining. 

At the pool

Pico de Loro

At the beach

Pico beach

At the playground

Future Travel Plans

Definitely, we would love to go and visit Pico Sands Hotel again but perhaps not in the near future as our priority is to visit the different provinces that we have yet to explore.

I will update this article once I am able to visit Pico Sands Hotel again.


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