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About Paradis Island PH

True to its name, Paradis Island PH is indeed a paradise for those looking for a quick getaway. 

Paradis Island is a private island for rent located near Lake Lumot at the Sierra Madre Mountain mountain top in Cavinti, Laguna, and approximately 2.5 to 3-hour drive from Metro Manila.

The resort has two lake villas that are good for family or friends. You can rent the entire island for Php 15,900 only (boat transfers are not included).


Our stay in Paradis Island PH

We chose Paradis Island PH because we were looking for a place not far from Metro Manila where we could stay overnight to hold a reunion with friends and former officemates. The last time that our group travelled together was 5 years ago in Baler, Aurora. Although we were not complete during this Cavinti trip as Val, Arleigh and Steve were not available, the group still enjoyed the stay as we were able to do our usual bonding stuff – travel, drink, play cards and “kulitan” to the max. 

We were surprised when we reached the island! The vibe was good and the place is sooo relaxing! Aside from that, the staff and crew will welcome you as you dock in the island. They were very friendly and accommodating. They ensured that we have a relaxing and enjoyable stay.

Paradis boat ride

What to do in Paradis Island PH

Flower hot kawa bath

Soup anyone? LOL


Paradis has about 5 available kayaks so you and your family or friends can kayak together.


Just approach one of the staff members and they will prepare the bonfire for you. You can also bring hotdogs, marshmallows and skewers for roasting.

Play board games

Paradis Island PH has a Chess board, Snake and Ladders but you can also bring your own board games if you like.

Play basketball

Mismo! (Can you relate?)

Swing like a kid

Remember your childhood and swing like a kid-at-heart. WEEEEEEEEE!!!

Daydream at the hammock

A wise man once said “If you can dream it, you can do it.”

Rest or sleep and rest or sleep some more at the Cabana, Tree house or Floating cottage

Sleep is the best form of meditation.


The guests are also allowed to swim at the lake but you have to wear your life vest and someone from the crew should be around.


If you have long patience, try fishing in the lake. You might be able to get additional “pulutan”. 


Try the glamping tents on the island for another outdoor adventure!


Paradis Island is offering massage but due to the pandemic, the masseur will not always be around. Better to inform them upon booking so they can arrange it for you. 

There are a lot of things you can do in the island and maybe that is the reason why we felt that an overnight stay is not enough. Two nights would be better to fully enjoy the stay and maximize the amenities.

Paradis Island is operating on a generator set that is why there are no appliances such as aircon, refrigerator, microwave oven and oven toaster.

The electricity in the island is not available 24/7. There are hours wherein the generator set is turned off. 

Things to consider when staying in Paradis Island

1. Book via Facebook page – Paradis Island PH. Booking and paying via PayPal using their official website has additional 3% charge. You can pay also via GCash.
2. Do not be late. It is better if you come early. Every minute counts.
3. Pin Cavinti Multi-purpose gym. Paradis is an island in Lake Lumot so you cannot get there using your car. 

4. Parking is not an issue. You can park at the Cavinti Multi-purpose gym for Php 200 overnight. The multi-purpose gym is in the barangay hall so your car is safe.

5. Bring mosquito repellant.
6. Depending on the accommodation that you will reserve, every additional person is Php 1,000 per night. 
7. Meal is not included in the quotation but you can cook in the island with no corkage fee. Paradis Island has a gas range and grilling station (the charcoal is free too). If you are planning to prepare food (dinner, breakfast or lunch), make sure to double check that you have all of your ingredients from your list as there is no sari-sari store in the island. Again, double check your list (drinking water, ingredients for your food, alcohol/beer, etc.) and make sure you have everything before you go onboard the boat that will take you to the island.

8. In case, you forgot something, you can ask Paradis Island staff to buy in the main land but it has Php 500 fee (for boat’s gasoline and effort).
9. The amenities and services are free as they are already included in your payment though you can only request kawa bath, hot tub, bonfire once as they are not unlimited.
10. Paradis Island is also pet-friendly. They have a few dogs and cats in the island. They will ask you whether you are okay if these fur friends are roaming around freely around.
11. Lastly, enjoy the place. Spend time with your friends and loved ones.

07-2022 Cavinti


Transportation. Approx. Php 1,000 gas and max. of Php 800 toll to take South Luzon Expressway.

Food. Approx. Php 500 per head if you will buy your grocery items at the local wet market.

Accommodation. Rates may vary depending on the number of headcount. Check their website paradisislandph.com to see which one fits to your budget.

Others. Php 200 for parking fee at the Barangay office.

Internet Signal


Road Condition

Main Road
Road going to Cavinti Multi-purpose Gym

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If you have some tips, suggestions or comments which you want to share, kindly comment below.

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