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Disconnect to connect

Mount Purro Nature Reserve gives its visitors the chance to disconnect from busy life and connect with nature and loved ones. Located in Barangay Calawis, Antipolo, Rizal, Mount Purro Nature Reserve is a 36-hectare forest nestled in the foot hills of Sierra Madre mountain range. 


I went to Mount Purro Nature Reserve together with my daughter, girlfriend, nephew and niece for a short overnight vacation in November last year as part of my post-birthday celebration.

I chose Mount Purro Nature Reserve because it is only less than a 2-hour drive (including heavy traffic) from Pasig City.

The good thing about Mount Purro Nature Reserve is that not only do they offer a relaxing place while enjoying nature, they also serve with a mission to take care of the environment and their people. You will get to know about their mission and program from the short video during the briefing session. 

Briefing session

Mount Purro Nature Reserve is a perfect place to disconnect because there is no internet and the mobile signal is really weak so the kids can’t play online games and the adults will not be able to check their emails at work.

Indeed, a good place for bonding.

Things to do at Mount Purro Nature Reserve


1. Relax with nature

Sit, lie down and relax at their huts, loft, open cottages and cabana. A perfect place to tell stories and wonderful experiences with your family and friends.

2. Play games

Playing games will always be fun with your family and friends. You can play inside your loft, in the Game Room or in the Activity Field (see map above).

Game Room - Billiards
Basketball Court

3. Short trek

This is good for tito-aged like me. The trail is not that difficult. You can walk and trek within the Mount Purro Nature Reserve area to exercise your knees.


4. Bonfire

You may bring hotdogs and marshmallows. If you don’t want the hassle of putting the hotdogs in a cooler, Mount Purro Nature Reserve also includes hotdogs, marshmallows, Graham crackers and chocolate that you can roast at the bonfire area in the meal voucher when you check-in. 

Bonfire is open from 8:00 PM to 10:00 PM only. Enjoy grilling!

5. Payagwan River Hike

Hiking to Payagwan River should be coordinated at the reception area to schedule your hike and to provide you your tour guide. This is one of the pre-scheduled activities that you can choose from 8:00 AM, 10:30 AM, 1:00 PM and 3:30 PM.

The hike to the river could take around 30 minutes. I suggest you do it in the morning (8:00 AM) or after lunch (3:30 PM) to avoid heat exhaustion.

6. Balsa Ride

Once you reach Payagwan River, you also have the option to ride the balsa. 

7. Swim at the river or pool

Swim at the river during daytime as it is safer and swim at the pool at night.

8. Eat at Loli's Kitchen

When you book at Mount Purro Nature Reserve, better include the plated meals by Loli’s Kitchen. Always remember, when you enter Loli’s Kitchen, you must remove your flip flops or shoes as they are not allowed inside. This is to maintain the cleanliness and not to bring the mud and dirt especially if you are coming from hiking or trekking.

9. Malvar's Peak Hike

This is also one of the pre-scheduled activities of Mount Purro Nature Reserve. We scheduled at 5:30 AM however, we did not push through due to heavy rains the night before. We expected that it was going to be slippery so we decided to change our itinerary instead. 

Malvar’s Peak Hike schedules are 5:30 AM, 8:00 AM, 10:00 AM, 2:00 PM and 4:00 PM. I suggest that you do it in the afternoon after you check in – 2:00 PM or 4:00 PM.

How to get to Mount Purro Nature Reserve

Waze or Google Map will always be your friend if you will bring and drive your own car. The only challenge is some of the roads are rough and muddy so lowered cars might have difficulty passing the unpaved roads.
1. From Marcos Hi-way, you may turn left and take Boso-Boso Road, Calawis Road or Sapinit Road. I suggest you take Sapinit Road. 
2. From Sapinit Road, for about 13 kilometers and once you cross the bridge, turn left to Calawis Road. 
3. Go straight and take Calawis Road until you reach Mount Purro Nature Reserve. You will see them at your right side.

11-2021 Mount Purro


Transportation: For a 30-kilometer ride, Php 1,000 would be enough for gas.

Food: Php 350 per head for each meal so total of Php 700 if you will avail dinner and breakfast of Loli’s Kitchen. The AM/PM snack is Php 150 per person. 

Accommodation: The loft is Php 6,000 and good for 4 pax. Additional Php 1,000 per extra person. 

Others: Another Php 100 for mid-night snacks.

Internet Signal


Road Condition

Main Road
Near Resort


Kindly check Mount Purro Nature Reserve’s website for important announcements and availability for booking.

If you have some tips, suggestions or comments which you want to share, kindly comment below.