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In the quaint town of Maragondon (known for its bamboo crafts in the province of Cavite), Riverfront Garden Resort proudly caters to its clients who are looking for a quick getaway from the hustle and bustle of city life. This quiet and relaxing resort is nestled beside a river and surrounded by Mahogany trees plus abundant flora, a unique offering that piqued our curiosity. Plus, the resort is quite untethered (no Wi-Fi). We booked our post-Valentine’s Day trip right away.

Riverfront Garden Resort’s history also adds to the charm of the place. Once a barren land, the 1-hectare property was a symbol of love between Mr. Bucher and his wife who turned it to a private farm. Their children also played in this farm, their own little piece of fairy tale with a cottage like that of Hansel and Gretel’s. Soon after finishing her studies, the oldest daughter turned the private farm into a beautiful resort “that would inspire love to its guests”. What a perfect place to celebrate Valentines!

Resort Offerings

Riverfront Garden Resort is open for both day tours (8:00 am to 5:00 pm of the same day) and overnight stays (2:00 pm to 12:00 noon of the next day). The resort has stone tables and chairs which are free to use. There are also cabanas, open hut cottages or gazebos as well as The Lodge for day-tour guests. For overnight stays, guests can choose from airconditioned French-designed cabins and airconditioned or with electric fan glamping accommodations. The cabins also have their private bathtubs overlooking the river. 

We booked the Deluxe Room for our trip last February and the room details in their website were accurate. It was indeed cozy and romantic.

For rates and booking details, kindly click here.

The resort has 2 main pools and 1 kiddie pool. We liked the biggest pool as it has a view of the river and is between 2 lovely gazebos.

Riverfront Garden Resort’s allure is its tranquility, an experience to be close to nature. This is a place where one can temporarily disconnect (there are Globe and Smart signals in the area) and simply enjoy being unbothered. Aside from the natural beauty of the place, the resort boasts of Instagram-worthy sections.

Guests can order meals for breakfast, lunch, merienda and dinner from their café. Their food offerings are quite good: generous serving, variety of options to choose from, tasty and most important, value for money. We particularly liked their hot chocolate, nachos and grilled tilapia. The resort’s staff will deliver your meals whether you opt to enjoy them in the comforts of your cabin or anywhere inside the resort for a dining experience with a view.

Our trip to Riverfront Garden Resort was overall a good experience, all thanks to the wonderful men and women working hard to make the resort a home away from home. The staff were friendly, respectful and most of all, very accommodating. It felt like we have known these ‘ates and kuyas’ for a very long time.

How to get there

If you are bringing your private car like we did, you can simply search Riverfront Garden Resort using Waze or Google Maps. It is usually a 2 to 3-hour drive from Manila depending on traffic.

The route from Manila takes the Roxas Boulevard and then the Cavite Expressway where you will pass by the Las Piñas Toll Plaza and then enter the Binakayan-Kawit Toll Plaza.

You will pass by the towns of Kawit, Noveleta, Rosario, Naic and Ternate in the province of Cavite. You will know you are quite near when you see the Maragondon River welcoming you. Then, you will have to take the Sapang-Pinagsanhan Road all the way to the entrance of the Riverfront Garden Resort in Barangay Pinagsanhan B.

Back in February 2022 when we visited the resort, the Sapang-Pinagsanhan Road was quite muddy and bumpy due to the large and heavy trucks that often use this road. However, sedan-type or lowered vehicles can still pass through.

Should you choose to commute, you can:
1. Take public buses going to Ternate – Maragondon. 
2. Get off at the tricycle terminal in PUP Maragondon.
3. Ride the tricycle and ask the driver to take you to the Riverfront Garden Resort. You will be dropped off at the main entrance of the resort.

It is advisable to share tricycle rides with other guests who will be going to the resort too as fare rates can be higher when you ride alone.


Transportation: Php 1000 gas and Php 200 toll

Food: Php 900 per head (breakfast and dinner only)

Accommodation: See rate here for day tour and overnight stay

Others: Php 500 per head (afternoon and evening snacks)

Internet Signal


Road Condition

Main Road
Near Resort (as of Feb 2022)

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