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Nestled in the mountain ridges of the town of Bongabon in Nueva Ecija province, Camp Paraiso Hotel and Resort offers a relaxing place to those who want to connect with nature. Camp Paraiso is nearly a 4-hour drive from Metro Manila (approximately 220 kilometers), where you will be greeted by the sight of rice fields, onion and garlic plantations as well as rivers and mountains along the way. 

At Camp Paraiso, day-tour tourists who just want to plunge into the pools to beat the heat or celebrate a special occasion with family and friends can rent day tour or umbrella cottages for the day. For overnight tourists, Camp Paraiso also offers villa rooms, bahay kubo, glamping cabins or even cottages where tents can be pitched. The glamping cabins, I believe, are the best accommodation to stay into as they give a cool vibe due to their interesting A-frame design. However, they are for larger groups, usually 6 pax and above. 

Camp Paraiso also serves as a haven for bikers, where they can stay overnight to relax before they ride and trail the zig-zag road of Mt. Labi in the morning. Most of the bikers in the area use Camp Paraiso as their meeting place – to rest, relax at the cottages, eat breakfast or lunch and beat the heat by swimming in the pool.

How to get there

With Waze or Google Maps as your navigational guide, you will take NLEX and SCTEX, exit Tarlac City, enter Central Luzon Link Expressway (CLLEx) and then exit in Aliaga, Nueva Ecija. CLLEx is already open to public motorists since July 2021 but there are still some construction ongoing for Phase II (Cabanatuan to San Jose) as of this writing.

After exiting Aliaga, you must take Carmen-Cabanatuan Road, Pinagpanaan-Rizal-Pantabangan Road, then Bongabon-Rizal road and finally, Nueva Ecija-Aurora Road where you can expect some winding roads before reaching Camp Paraiso. But don’t worry, the views are truly worth it!

What to expect in Camp Paraiso

"Instagrammable" spots

The best place to take photos and videos are in “Bali” area of the resort. The area boasts of photo and video-perfect spots like tree house, wooden bridge, nests and swing. 

Short Trek and Hike

To reach the “Bali” area of Camp Paraiso, you have to trek for about 30 mins. Don’t worry, it is not that difficult to reach. “Tito-aged” guys like me can still do the short and easy hike or trek back and forth. 

Be close to nature

Also in the “Bali” area, you have the chance to be close to nature and away from the stresses and pressures of city life. By the swing, you will get the time to reflect and just appreciate life as you also hear the chirping of the birds and the flowing water from the falls. 

Plunge in the pool

Kids and kids-at-heart can enjoy their 3 man-made pools. One distinct feature of the pools are their naturally cold waters which according to Camp Paraiso were flowing from the mountains of Aurora. Dipping into the pool is totally refreshing especially if you have just completed the hike or trek from the “Bali” portion of the resort.   

Ride a bike

The area surrounding the resort is a good training ground for bikers with the paved roads that stretch from the town proper to the mountainous side. Bikers get to also enjoy the cold breeze and the awesome sceneries that Bongabon has to offer.

Watch livestreams (if you cannot leave the city life)

This is something that you can do if you miss city life. The good thing is that both Smart and Globe have strong connections within the area of Camp Paraiso.

Enjoy the beautiful scenery of Nueva Ecija

Before you reach Camp Paraiso, you will be amazed with the wonderful sceneries of Nueva Ecija. You will definitely be welcomed by mountains, farms, river and friendly Nueva Ecijaños!

You may book accommodations at Camp Paraiso Hotel & Resort online by clicking this link or sending email to campparaiso2019@gmail.com. You may also try calling these numbers 0908-780-2582 and 0997-578-8646. Their friendly staff will gladly assist you. 

Note: Try to also make a stopover at Labi Bridge after you check out at Camp Paraiso to experience the cold water of Labi River.

If you have some tips, suggestions or comments which you want to share, kindly comment below.