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“Unplanned trips are usually the best!” I actually believe what they say. You don’t always need a plan, just go and leave. Since February 25 is a national holiday in the Philippines, we have decided to do a quick road trip to Tagaytay. Initially, we just want to sip coffee while enjoying the cold breeze and the wonderful view, but this trip turned out differently. 

Tagaytay Cover Photo

While driving going to Tagaytay, some personal realizations came to me. I realized that driving during late afternoon and wee hours of the night is somewhat therapeutic and a more enjoyable experience for me. It actually feels like the load that you’re carrying within you becomes lighter because emotions start to pour in while you’re driving. Somehow, you are able to let go of your worries and your spirit is uplifted. 

With this quick trip to Tagaytay, no concrete plans nor deep thinking, I got to list down my favorite moments in this late afternoon and night drive. 

Here are the top reasons why I love driving late in the afternoon and in middle of the night:

1. Sunset gives hope

I always love to watch the sun setting. Driving while sunset is in the background is calming and reassuring. It reminds you that “Tomorrow is another opportunity”… another opportunity to try again, to dream, to go on road trips, to live. 

2. It is relatively "safer"

Despite the lack of natural light, visual cues and obvious signs and signals are your armor as you drive. In roads that curve, you would know that there are vehicles approaching on the opposite side because of the car headlights. In the corner, you would also know if there is vehicle coming in because of the lights bouncing off on walls or trees. You can also differentiate whether the vehicle in front of you is counterflowing from the other lane (to overtake) or if it is on the same lane as you. Thanks to the color of the light that you see and signals this. A car is counterflowing if the light is yellow or white (sometimes they change it to white LED) and if it is on the same lane as you, you will see the red tail lights.

3. Traffic is better

We all know that traffic in Metro Manila is really bad especially during rush hours. During my favorite hours to drive, less vehicles are on the roads which improves the flow of traffic. Travel time is shorter, making it more fun and easy to drive.


4. Cooler drive, cooler head

With no scorching heat to annoy you, you can actually drive with your windows down letting you feel the cold breeze touching your face especially if you’re driving in Tagaytay. Aside from the cold breeze, you get the chance to enjoy the sound of your engine as you step on the gas pedal. How can anyone not enjoy driving in this setting meant for a wonderful experience? 

5. Short but sweet escape to reality

Tagaytay is one of the most famous place, not to mention one of the easiest to access, if you want to escape from the stressful life in Metro Manila. A quick late afternoon or night drive to Tagaytay could serve a short and sweet escape to taste one of life’s simple pleasures – driving and enjoying the cold weather with someone you love. 

A road trip is more fun if you mix it with… food! Therefore, one should also enjoy road trips with food trips. Our short Tagaytay trip will not be complete without the famous Bulalo. Of course, we did not think twice to visit again and taste the famous Bulalo of Leslie’s Restaurant

Remember, it’s more fun to enjoy Bulalo and the cold breeze of Tagaytay City when you drive responsibly!

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