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Experiencing the float-in cinema in McKinley Hill is a perfect way to celebrate Valentine’s day. Spending quality time in a romantic place is one of best gifts that we can give our loved ones. You can still go out of town as long as the place permits visitors from other towns or cities. But, if you are planning to spend it in Metro Manila, the float-in cinema can be one good option – or the Drive-in Cinema at the SM Mall of Asia.

You can enjoy a nice film on a 12 x 7-meter giant screen while aboard a boat at the man-made canal inside the mall.

How does the float-in cinema work?

The price of the ticket is Php 500.00 plus Php 20 convenience fee each. There are only 6 boats wherein only 2 people are allowed onboard.

I highly suggest that you book online ahead of time and come 30 minutes before the viewing time especially if you are not familiar with the place.

Once you have bought your tickets online, don’t forget to download your QR code as you will present this to the usher. The usher will let you choose the boat assignment you prefer. 

There is a short safety briefing before you are assisted to the boat you chose. 

Bring 3.5 mm audio jack

You will only hear the audio of the movie if you connect your 3.5 mm audio jack to the boat’s sound system. 

If you want to make your night more romantic, bring only one 3.5 mm audio jack so both you and your date can share. Cheesy!

Bring mosquito repellant

Even though they provide mosquito patches, it also doesn’t hurt if you apply mosquito repellant to ward off those unwanted mosquitoes especially if you are not wearing pants or long skirt. 

The other option is to bring jacket and wear pants so that the majority of your skin is covered.

Food and drinks

With your ticket, a popcorn, soda and bottled water are already included. If you want more, you can order by texting the mobile number that they will provide. 

You might need to control your liquid intake as the restrooms are not easily accessible once you are already aboard the boat. There are restrooms nearby but the back and forth would be time-consuming. You will miss a lot of the scenes from the movie as you will need to call the number so that you can be fetched using a separate boat and take you to the ‘dock’. Then you will take again a boat to return to your assigned boat.

This will lessen your ‘sweet moments’ with your loved one. 

Overall, it was a wonderful experience. It is something that you will not see in other places in the Philippines so better try it out especially this coming Valentines Day. 

The float-in cinema opened last December 2020 and is located at Venice Grand Canal Mall in Taguig City. 

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