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When the Philippine government eased up restrictions on tourism after the lockdowns, we did not hesitate to go out and have a quick getaway to Villa Escudero Plantations and Resort in Tiaong, Quezon.

We chose Villa Escudero because it is only a 2 to 3-hour drive from Manila (depending on the traffic situation in South Luzon Expressway (SLEX) plus, it is a good place to experience again the Filipino culture. 

Villa Escudero Plantations and Resorts provides you a chance to connect with nature and enjoy our culture which we sometimes can no longer see in the city. Unlike in Taal’s heritage town where you will see Hispanic houses, you will surely like Villa Escudero’s cottages inspired by old nipa huts during the early days.

Here are the things that you can experience in Villa Escudero Plantations and Resort.

Watch Cultural Show

Cultural Show

There were folk dance numbers which I can no longer remember but one thing I am sure of, I love the Tinikling dance!

Carabao Ride with Serenade

The carabao ride with serenade is so relaxing. We enjoyed hearing again our old folk songs.  

Bamboo Rafting

Bamboo Rafting

Bamboo rafting is actually not difficult. You can paddle easily to maneuver the bamboo raft on the river. Better go with a loved one and tell beautiful stories while in the middle of the river.

Visit the Museum


It’s nice to see the collections of the Escudero family in the museum.

Note: Videos and photos are not allowed inside.

Merienda at Cafe Indigo

Merienda at Cafe Indigo

Get some coffee, tea or any beverage while sitting near the river and watching people do bamboo rafting. The cafe also offers food in case you are already hungry.

Dinner at Coconut Pavillion

Dinner at Coconut Pavillion

Though we are still in the middle of a pandemic, Villa Escudero made sure that physical distancing is observed. They are the ones who will serve the food that you choose from the buffet table.

Shop! Shop! Shop!

Some of the stuff you will find inside the souvenir shop might be a bit pricey but, it still good to get some souvenirs like t-shirts as a remembrance that you have visited Villa Escudero.

Swim at the pool


Swim in their different pools fit for kids or adults. Enjoy the pool with your family or friends until you get the tan you dream of while you were working from home due to the lockdowns. LOL.

Get serenaded at night

Instead of knocking to your door to remind you of dinner time, they will serenade you with old Filipino songs. So lovely indeed!

Lunch at Labasin waterfalls

This is one of the highlights of our visit – to experience having lunch by the waterfalls. 

This pandemic made us realize the importance of getting connected with our loved ones and nature. Tourism was one of the affected industries that is why we highly encourage to travel and visit wonderful places in our country to support our local tourism industry. 


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