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Movie nights are back! Thanks to SM Cinema for offering a safer option to all movie-goers during this time.

Due to the pandemic, a lot of outdoor activities and mass gatherings have been restricted. Going to conventional movie houses to watch films is one of them. The good thing is that SM Cinema was able to bring us back to watching movies in the big screen without compromising health and safety protocols plus providing a totally different experience. 

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The Drive-in Cinemas are already available in the US and some parts of the world. The concept of setting up a wide screen in a large parking area is quite new to the Philippines but proves to be an easy, safer and efficient way of watching movies now that physical distancing is a must.

At Drive-in Cinemas, all movie-goers should stay inside their vehicles. You are only allowed to go out to take photos before the start of the movie or to go to the portable toilets. 

How does Drive-in Cinema work?

Tickets are sold online via SM TicketThe price of the ticket is depends on the vehicle that you are driving and the number of passengers. Front seats of the vehicle are the convenient seats when watching the movie. Rear passengers may have difficultly looking at the windshield or window that’s why I don’t recommend to have more than 2 passengers in the vehicle. Motorcycles are not allowed.

Do not forget to download your e-ticket to you mobile phone as you need to present them when entering the vicinity.

SM Tickets

Observe health protocols. All passengers are required to wear face masks and face shields. Each passenger will be scanned for temperature and is required to fill up a contact-tracing form (Note: You may do it online by scanning the QR code) prior entering the parking area. 

At the entrance, an usher will hand you a sanitized clear folder that contains some information that you will need like a guide on how to order food and drinks, and food menu if you have additional food orders as well as the actual FM frequency for the audio of the movie. 

Ushers in the venue will direct you to your assigned parking space. I recommend that you come early to get a good slot and avoid the long queue of cars coming in for the briefing and the strict health and safety protocols

How to order

Car stereo must be working well. The audio of the movie is transmitted via an FM frequency that will be shared during the briefing for you to tune-in. A good car sound system will make the experience worthwhile. Make sure to have enough fuel because you need to turn on your engine and air condition while watching

Food and Drinks. With your ticket, a hotdog sandwich, popcorn and bottled water are already included. These will be ready for claiming in the entrance. (Note: This is for SM Mall of Asia)  

You may place additional orders via text message.


Toilets. There are portalets (portable toilets) located at the left and right sides of the parking area. Tissue and alcohol are also available. Better to have an empty gall bladder to avoid frequent visit to the toilet


It was a great experience as it was safe and convenient. Watching in a wide LCD screen outside while sitting inside your car was enjoyable. Patronizing the Drive-in Cinema will help our locals maintain their jobs

The Drive-in Cinema may not be a permanent one. If the pandemic is over, we do not know whether the Drive-in Cinema may still continue so better try it now to experience at least once in our lifetime. 

The Drive-in Cinema is available in SM Mall of Asia, SM Pampanga Amphitheater and SM Lipa.

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