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With or without the pandemic situation, supporting local businesses is one of the best ways to contribute to our economy. By buying local, you help local businesses to compete and survive in the game. 

But one may ask these very valid questions: What’s in it for me? What difference does it make where I get my products and services? Why is it an imperative to strengthen our support to local businesses especially now that we are in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic?

Here are some of the reasons why we should be advocates of buying local.

Better chances of employees keeping their jobs

Support Local

By buying local, we are keeping the businesses open. This means shops and service providers will continue to operate because of the demand and the employees’ jobs are then secured. During a pandemic, it is really a risk to run a business because of the uncertainties of the time. Therefore, if we can keep on patronizing local products and services, we will be able to help businesses stay open. And in turn, keep their employees whose only source of income is their jobs.

We are then ensuring that these employees are able to bring food to their tables and feed their families.

Supports the promotion of peace and order in the neighborhood

Poverty is one reason why high crime rates exist in a society. Supporting local means we are taking care of the community that we live in and belong to. We support in promoting better chances of employment or thriving livelihood opportunities in the community, somehow contributing to keep the peace and order. 

A peaceful community is a happy community. 

Improves the economy


Buying local products or local services enable us to contribute to our economy. We preserve jobs, create new opportunities for expansion that generates more jobs and build a stronger nation. 

A continuous cash flow from everyone will increase buying power which translates into better sales or income, growth in businesses and improved tax collections that will assist the government to run more meaningful and useful projects. Everyone can reap the benefits of a good and flourishing economy. 

Saves money and time

Fresh vegs

Some may argue that there are instances where local costs higher compared to imported goods. This is somehow true, but we have to remember that time is essential in terms of selling goods and rendering services. If there is a good demand for a specific product or service, the business must deliver reliability and offer competitive prices. 

Fresh goods coming directly from local farmers or services that are readily available from local providers will save you more time in the long run. Purchasing goods or availing of services outside the country requires special procedures to preserve the goods or extra processes such as transportation and logistics which entails additional cost, not to mention, longer turnaround time.

Lower carbon footprint

Locally produced goods have lower carbon footprint. This is because goods coming from nearby provinces travel shorter compared to imported goods and does not necessarily require special packaging or additional handling processes. By buying local, we leave lower-to-nothing carbon footprint which is good for our environment.

Less packaging involved

Imagine the number of plastics and garbages that ended up in the ocean and this increases exponentially as the year goes by. If we choose to buy local, most of the items we are buying have limited packaging. It is also very easy to bring reusable bags that helps a lot in minimising wastes. If we can get rid of the plastic or foil packaging, the better.

A chance to meet new friends

new friend

If we shop locally, we get a chance to meet the sellers personally and know more of their suppliers.

The more you know your sellers, the more you know their stories and roots, and the better chance of build good relationships with them. In return, they will be more honest with you in terms of price, disclosing the actual condition of the goods and if you are lucky, they may give you additional perks or promos if you continue to buy their products or services.

The COVID-19 pandemic is terribly impacting all businesses ranging from small to large-scale companies. Many of them have been forced to close down their physical stores or fold down the entire business. Some companies are operating but with minimal work force as they have to cut down the number of employees to save costs. To help save dreams and build a better community especially in this unprecedented times, let’s contribute in our own little way by patronizing local products and services. 

Additionally, it is always better to travel around your home country to boost local tourism – once the pandemic is over.

Support local. Buy local.

PS. If you are looking for quality food with reasonable prices, check Kainan Na! Facebook page and Buy Local web page. You can also join Lokalista group in Telegram to get to know local and small business owners who you can support.

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