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Ukelele is one of the easiest musical instruments that can be learned on your own. All you need is a Ukelele with you, a song book that contains Ukelele chords or a good internet connection to search the song you want to play online.

Still not convinced? Here’s 7 top reasons why you should play the Ukelele.

1. Ukelele is portable - you can bring it everywhere!

Ukelele is small compared to a 6-string guitar. It is portable and very easy to hold. When going on a trip to the mountains or island beaches, a Ukelele is your best companion – very light and keeps you from getting bored.

This video was taken in Baler for a short vacation. There were numerous times I brought my ukelele whenever we go out of town. That’s how portable the Ukelele is.

2. It is relatively affordable

Beginner or Mid-Level Ukeleles cost relatively less than other musical instruments. I highly recommend buying one that fits your budget. You will not regret having a Ukelele as I am sure you will enjoy it. 

You may find some of the good Ukeleles in JB Music or in your favorite music stores.

3. Easy to learn even by kids and oldies

The chord patterns are friendly and easy to learn for kids and older ones. If you totally don’t know nor has memorized the chord patterns or chords of a certain song, you can easily search them in the internet. Google is your friend. 

Hannah playing ukelele

4. Ukeleles are cool!

If you are into music soundscape, playing for many years and you want to add new flavor to your musical arrangement, Ukelele could be the answer. It can bring uniqueness in the mix because of its wonderful cool sound.  

5. Most or all songs can be played in Ukelele

The chord patterns maybe different from 6-string guitar but if you know how to strum it in a guitar, you can do it as well in a Ukelele. Aside from that, you can experiment and give it a more personal touch to make the sound more appealing to your listeners.

6. A good starter for other string instruments

Since playing Ukelele is easy to learn, you will sub-consciously develop the proper strumming, chord or note pressing, quick chord or note transitioning which are also important to learn if playing the guitar or violin. 

It is a different kind of complexity in the learning process if you switch to keyboards but it can also be self-learned. You may check this article about learning the piano on your own

7. Creates great shared moments with your kids or loved ones

Great for bonding with your kids, loved ones and friends, Ukelele is one of the good musical instruments that you can learn or play together.

And since you can easily bring your Ukelele anywhere, out-of-town trips are made more memorable and special by songs played on your Ukelele!

Playing the Ukelele is quite easy and again, it is possible to learn it on your own. However, it is also okay to look for an experienced teacher who can guide you in your ‘learning journey’ especially if your are a newbie when it comes to music. This way you will learn the basics and know how to properly position your fingers to make a chord pattern and strum the strings correctly. 

Enjoy and have fun!

If you have some tips, suggestions or comments which you want to share, kindly comment below.

Roland Lorenzo

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