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The cases of COVID-19 is growing exponentially not only in the Philippines but also in other countries and it seems this trend is far from over. Check this link to see the number of cases per country.

Covid-19 as of March 25, 2020
As of March 25, 2020

After the first confirmed case in the Philippines recorded last January 30, the number of Filipinos testing positive to the virus increases each day.

The spread is quick as virus can be transmitted if you are exposed to an infected person or through droplets produced when an infected person sneezes or coughs. It is also possible that you can get infected by touching a surface that has the virus on it and then touching your mouth, nose or eyes.


This poses a serious problem because there is no vaccine developed yet to cure those infected or to help immune people from possibly getting the virus.

Last March 12, 2020, the Philippine government announced a ‘General Community Quarantine’ effective until April 14 in Metro Manila. The government also imposed a travel ban by land, air and sea and advised the general public to stay at home.

The escalation to an ‘Enhanced Community Quarantine’ now covering the whole of Luzon. It was a response to COVID-19 cases that spiking up quickly. The government strictly implements this through the help of the Local Government Units (LGU). Unnecessary travels or going outside of homes are prohibited except for getting basic necessities i.e food and medicine.

To help us understand better why the government is implementing this community quarantine, here’s how quickly the virus can spread to the public.


  • Let’s say Juan got the Coronavirus. He did not know until 12 to 14 days later when the symptoms started to manifest.
  • Juan thought he was healthy. He did not stay at home and unknowingly passed on the virus to 3 other people.
  • These 3 people that Juan infected also think they are just fine. They go out of the house and travel to another place. They infect another 9 people.
  • These 9 people think too that they are fine and healthy. They did not stay at home as well, infecting 27 more people.

This slideshow below will illustrate exactly how the scenario will pan out and why staying at home is one of the effective methods of containing it:

The infection of the COVID-19 from one person to another multiplies exponentially by not staying at home. It will become a big problem once the cases blow up exceeding the capacities of our hospitals. Also, we are running out of hospital staff because they, too, are exposed and not invincible to the virus.

The quarantine mitigates the spread of COVID-19 in households, communities, regions and even in countries.

It will slowdown the spread while the government is preparing the healthcare system and creating guidelines to recover the economy.

The front liners are risking their lives for the benefit of everyone.

How can we help them? Stay at home.

It will help us go back to normal soon wherein we can go again to churches, watch movies in theaters, visit beautiful placessupport our favorite sports team live and many more.

Going out of your house will not really help.

For the love of your country, family and self…


Thank you!

Thank you from LoyalCoin
Thank you from LoyalCoin

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