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Group of Islands of Burias in the South that is emerging nowadays as another option for island hopping aside from the famous Hundred Islands of Pangasinan in the North.

Burias group of islands is located in Masbate. It is approximately 470 kilometers from Manila which takes 6 – 7 hours of land travel to reach San Andres Port where you can ride a boat to take you to the main island, Sombrero Island. This boat ride usually takes 2 – 2.5 hours depending on whether there are waves or if the sea is calm.

There are various islands that you can visit. These are:

Sombrero Island

Sombrero Island

Sombrero Island is the main island where travellers stay overnight. The accommodation ranges from tents, nipa huts with only tables to cottages with double-sized beds, comfort rooms and electric fans being run by solar energy. 

There is also a main dining hall where all guests can share sumptuous meals that will make any tummy happy!

Animasola Island

One of the best rock formations I’ve seen so far. They were naturally curved to perfection. Indeed, a good place for photo-ops as the rock formations provide a backdrop fit for any angle.

Tinalisayan Island

This is the place where you can rest for a while and cool down by enjoying ‘halo-halo’ while lying on the white sand.

There are nipa huts with table where you can eat hotdogs and chicken gizzards cooked over charcoal. There is also a sandbar here when it is low tide.

You will also surely like the man-made formations of stones placed on top of one another that create the idea of balance or zen.

Dapa Island (aka Snake Island)

This is where you can do cliff jumping however, it has to be high tide so you can jump off to the water from the rock that you can climb. Unfortunately, it was low tide when we went there that we were only able to take pictures. 

You will still be able to enjoy the place even if it is low tide especially if you go on top of the rocks. Just be careful as these are quite sharp. 

There are also small caves but they don’t recommend getting inside as there are water snakes!

Alibjaban Island


This island is famous for its sandbar but it has to be low tide so you can walk in the sand. We were not able to see the sand bar but we enjoyed kayaking at the clear sea water.

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The highlight of this trip is the chance to meet new friends. 

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How to get to Burias Islands

There are travel and tour organizers that you can find in Facebook who are offering Burias Islands tours which I highly recommend to avoid the hassle of arranging your trip, and securing your boat ride and comfortable accommodation.

DIY (Do-It-Yourself) is also possible which will add thrill to your adventure.

Here’s the guide for DIY travellers.

Manila to San Andres Port, Quezon

Manila to San Andres Port in Quezon Province is 6-7 hours land travel. You can take a bus from Cubao or Pasay.

From San Andres, you have to talk to the locals for your boat rentals going to Burias Islands. The main island, Sombrero, is accessible via motorized boat equipped with life vests and can carry bags or backpacks. You will need to secure your bags inside a plastic to water-proof them.

Manila to Masbate

Manila to Masbate City is 1 hour flight. Book early as much as possible to avoid hassles or delays.

Masbate City to San Pascual is approximately 8-9 hours via boat.


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