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The Hundred Islands National Park is the most famous tourist destination in the beautiful province of Pangasinan. The park draws thousands of tourist because of the clear water and numerous unique mushroom-shaped islands.

There are various islands that you can visit during your Island hopping day tour. If you are planning for an overnight stay, the three main islands allow you to pitch tent and do camping.

Quezon and Lopez Islands

The islands called Quezon and Lopez are connected by a hanging bridge. Both are the main islands where tourists can stay overnight because of their structured camping grounds and guest houses for rent. You should try snorkelling and the 120-meter zip line aside from the usual swimming at the beach. There is also a 546-meter zip line that connects Quezon Island and Lopez Island.

Cuenco Island

There is a small cave at the entrance of Cuenco Island and a small diving site at the other side.

It is safe to dive into the waters without the life vest if you know how to swim. However, always wearing a vest is still recommended for safety.

Pilgrimage Island (also known as Cathedral Island)

Catholic devotees will definitely love this place. Expect the island to be busy with visitors during Holy Week.

At the entrance, visitors will need to climb 1430 steps from the beach but they will surely enjoy the panoramic view of some of the nearby islands once they reach the top.

Tip: There is a shorter route of 150 steps to reach the top. This is good for those who are not in good shape for climbing.

There are various islands that you can visit as the name Hundred Islands suggests. It is highly recommended not to stay longer in one island so you can visit more islands during your trip. For overnight stay, you can rent a guest house for 5,000 pesos per night or pitch a tent at Quezon IslandLopez Island or Governor’s Island. You may try helmet diving for 300 pesos per 30 minutes near the Governor’s Island where you will see colorful corals and fishes. There are also cliff jumping and underwater cave at Marcos Island while you can enjoy the wildlife in Paniki Island and Monkey Island. The signal in the islands is generally weak to nothing. You are lucky if you get a 3G signal. This is a good opportunity to bond with your family or friends while enjoying the beautiful islands of Pangasinan. The best time to visit Hundred Islands is during dry season (December to February) or summer months (March to May).

How to get to Hundred Islands

How to

By Bus

From Cubao, you can take a bus bound for Alaminos. Victory LinerFive Star Bus and Dagupan bus have regular trips going to Alaminos and the fare is around 400 pesos. The price may vary depending on the class and route you will choose. From Alaminos, take a tricycle going to Barangay Lucap Tourism office so you can register for your island hopping.

By Private Vehicle

You can use Waze or Google maps for navigation. It is a 4 to 5 hour-drive (maybe shorter or longer depending on your speed) from Cubao. The roads are smooth and paved so small cars can traverse. There is a wide parking area at the tourism office.

Tourism office

Boat rental

The rental fees are standard so you don’t need to haggle with the boatmen. The price only varies depending on the size of the boat and the duration of your tour (day tour or overnight).

You may contact our friend, Ferdie, at 0928-6972257 if you want to reserve a boat for your island hopping.

Boat Rental
Ferdie, the boat

Where to eat

There are various restaurants that offer freshly caught seafoods. Maxine by the sea offers good food at the seaside, while the sea breeze touches your skin.


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