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Letting go of your first car is one of the most difficult to experience especially if you have invested in it financially, not to mention, emotionally.

It is really hard to let go once you and your car share a lot of unforgettable moments.

Love at first sight

first sight

I can still remember when a good friend of mine accompanied me in the car dealer to check the unit and hand in the downpayment.

I was full of excitement because finally, I will get my own car. My very first car!

Imagine, when you’re young, you dreamt of getting your very own car which you can use going to the office and for out-of-town trips. It might not have been a luxurious high-end car nor a sports car but it felt so good getting your own ‘baby’.

The first date

first road trip

I can still remember when we went out for a break-in drive.

It was an out-of-town drive together with my good friend.

It was a smooth ride until we got stuck in heavy rains in the middle of SCTEX (Subic-Clark-Tarlac Expressway). We didn’t have a choice but to park at the bay until the rain stopped.

The first bath

first bath

I can still remember when I took her for her first bath.

I felt that she really liked it because her pearly white tone shone beautifully.

The fun night with my daughter

With my daughter

My then 5-year-old daughter really enjoyed sliding at the seats.

The emotional attachment came no longer as a surprise. The car was there in some major milestones of my life.

To be honest, I cannot imagine that I found the courage to let go of my very first car, still on top condition and reminiscent of the smell of a brand-new car.

But what are the things to do and consider if you’re going to sell your car?

Below are some tips which can guide you.

Tips and Guidelines

Selling your car will take a lot of effort. It is best that you have clean documents to hand over your buyer.

Certificate of Registration and Official Receipt

  • If it is already fully-paid with the bank, you must request the cancellation of the mortgage by calling or emailing the bank. From my experience, it took 15 days to process the request.
  • Once you receive the confirmation from the bank that the cancellation of mortgage was already completed, you should go to the bank where the loan was made to claim your:
  1. Original (encumbered) Certificate of Registration,
  2. Notarized Cancellation of Mortgage, and
  3. Promissory Note with Chattel Mortgage

Note: Do not forget to bring 2 valid IDs and updated Official Receipt.

  • Once you receive your Original (encumbered) Certificate of Registration, Notarized Cancellation of Mortgage and Promissory Note with Chattel Mortgage, you must go to the Registry of Deeds so that cancellation will be acknowledged and registered in their books. From my experience, it took less than an hour to process my documents.

Tip: Come early (before the opening of the Registry of Deeds office) to avoid the long wait in the queue.

Note: Do not forget to bring 2 valid IDs and photocopies of the 2 valid IDs. If you do not know which office of Registry of Deeds you should go to, it is better to ask the bank.

  • Once you receive a copy of your Notarized Cancellation of Mortage with a stamp, you must go to LTO (Land Transportation Office) where your car was first registered. You will present the following requirements:
  1. Notarized Cancellation of Mortgage,
  2. Original (encumbered) Certificate of Registration (CR), and
  3. Updated Official Receipt

Note: If you do not know which LTO office your car was first registered, better ask (again) your bank.

  • Once you are done processing your papers in the LTO office, you will receive an Original Certificate of Registration where encumbered is already removed in it, and an updated Official Receipt.

Price and Presentation of your car

  • Make sure that your car is road-worthy. Let the casa check your car to determine if it is in good condition.
  • Ensure that your car is clean and presentable, and your engine and other parts are washed. Apply wax too to make it more shiny and good-looking.
  • Keep your maintenance records as this will help build trust between you and your buyer because you can show the history of the maintenance and/or repairs of your car.
  • You can now post an ad of your car in any buy-and-sell platform like Lazada and Carmudi.

Note: If you don’t know the price of your car, you may check other seller’s price in any buy-and-sell platform, or appraise it with the casa/car dealer (although normally, the estimate from the casa may be lower than the price range in the market).

Transferring of car ownership

According to the Registered Owner Rule, the person registered in the certificate will be responsible for anything that the car will be involved in like accidents i.e, hitting a pedestrian, or crimes such using the vehicle to rob a bank. This is why it is important that you transfer the car ownership properly to the buyer/new owner.

  • If you have a buyer, a Deed of Sale must be accomplished.

Note: The Deed of Sale must be signed by the buyer, seller and 2 witnesses then have it notarized. You must attach photocopies of 2 valid IDs of both buyer and seller.

  • Get your Motor Vehicle Clearance Certificate from HPG directory office. It will take 3 working days before the release of the Motor Vehicle Clearance Certificate from the date of application.
  • Go to any LTO office to file a transfer of ownership. You will need to present the following documents:
  1. Original Certificate of Registration
  2. Updated Official Receipt
  3. Deed of Sale
  4. Motor Vehicle Clearance Certificate

Note: You should bring the car as there will be an actual test and inspection by the LTO officer.

Have a safe journey and happy selling!

me and my first car
My last photo with my car before turning it over to the new owner

It may be sad to let go of your first car but we know every goodbye creates a new opportunity for a hello.

Friday, the car
Hello Friday!

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