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Filipinos are known for being hospitable…. and witty. 

Having an eye-catching, name-recalling and funny business names will help a lot to get more customers.

Here are some of the funny business names and their tag lines in the Philippines:

Tapsi ni Logan

tapsi ni logan
Photo: Credit to the owner

The famous Tapa, Sinangag and Itlog (Tapsilog) that every Filipino loves is made even more special when a superhero owns it. Here’s the right “carinderia” that fills your tummy although I am not too sure you will wish Logan to do the scratching (“kalmot” in Tagalog) for you.

Tindahan Store

Tindahan Store
Photo: Credit to the owner

Confused? Relax, they are just emphasizing that, indeed, it is a store for all of those in doubt.

Pizza ng ina mo!

Pizza ng ina mo
Photo: Credit to the owner

They are not cursing you. This is a Pizza store that all moms will love.

Mango Goolat

Photo: Credit to the owner

Mango graham float is getting famous today. This store is warning you… that you will get shocked because of its taste.

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Sa Plato

This is the answer to the famous question “Saan tayo kakain?” (Where are we going to eat?). Its an old building turned into a restaurant along Ilustre Avenue in Lemery, Batangas.

It was first called “Sa Pinggan” and evolved to “Sa Plato”. Very Catchy, isn’t it?

Lito Lapida (No Photo)

I personally met this guy in Bocaue, Bulacan during the interment of my late father. A good friend of mine introduced me to Lito Lapida who happens to be a lapida (gravestone) maker. I did not get a chance to take a photo with him as he is a very shy guy.

I know the name sounds very familiar as it is quite close to the name of a senator and former actor.

Antok’s Pritong Manok

Photo: Credit to the owner

Do you want to solve your stomach and sleep problems at the same time? Buy and eat Antok’s Pritong Manok – a spinoff of the business name of the famous neighborhood roasted chicken store.

Juan Lona (No Photo)

You will find this lona (canvas) shop along Mabini Circumferential Road in Batangas. The canvas shop sounds like the name of the famous Filipino painter and brother of Gen. Antonio Luna.

The “lona” (canvas) might be very artistic similar to Juan’s obra.

Grilling me softly with his tongs

If you know the song, you will definitely relate to this hotdog stand. Be careful though, you might sing the song the next time using the words “Grilling me softly with his tongs”.

Ok na Kape ni Ka Pepe

Ok na Kape is a brewed coffee from Batangas and they are open for franchising! The rhyme sounds good which makes this store name very catchy and easy (and funny) to remember.

Cina Von

Cina Von

Don’t be confused. This is not the famous bread shop that you know. Cina Von (“Sinabon” in tagalog means rubbed with soap) is a laundry shop located inside San Antonio Village in Pasig City. So if you stop by the shop, do not order a bread. Again, it is a laundry shop.

Johnnie Water

Johnnie Water
Photo: Credit to the owner

The taste is better if you put ice on it! It is sad that this water is only distributed in Davao City.

Drink moderately.


Photo: Credit to the owner

Hungry and you are in a hurry? GrabTapsi is the answer. No need to book and wait, just drop by their store and they will serve you their trademark “tapsilog” (Tapa-Sinangag-Itlog).

Sauce to Go

Sauce to go
Photo: Credit to the owner

No, this is not about a chicken. We already have a lot of roasted chicken stores everywhere. This time, they are offering just the sauce!

It looks promising because they are claiming to be delicious even without a chicken!

John Kwek Kwek

John Kwek-Kwek

“Kwek kwek” (the smaller one is called “Tukneneng”) is the popular egg street food sold all over the Philippines. It is a boiled egg dipped in orange color batter and deep fried in oil.

Because we are big fans of John Wick and we love to eat “tukneneng” and “kwek kwek”, this would be the business name if we will put up a small egg waffle business.

Unknown Jaws (“Juice”) Store

You will surely laugh about the creativity of the Filipinos in ensuring that their products will sell. One classic example is the description and benefits from each “jaws” (intentional or not, it is really funny to incorrectly spell out the word “juice”).

Watch out for the release of their future product!

TT’s Liempo

The tag name will surely move all TT lovers! They have TT’s in all sizes! You can choose from Baby TT, Big TT, Jumbo TT and Super Jumbo TT. And for take out, you need to pay 1 Peso for the TT’s Supot Meal.

Choose the TT meal that will surely make smile!

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    Sorry I cannot answer. Maybe the first question is whether it is already registered. 🙂

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    Ang Pinoy nga naman! Super funny and witty. 🤣

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